Easy Coaching

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Why join?

Here are a few reasons.

Poker community

Poker communities are a great way to get the motivation to make your goals.
Besides that it's a great way to meet new people that share the love for that great game.
You can rail other players, celebrate your ships and just do some slowchat with your pokerbuddies.

Staking and backing

DonBartos.com is a great place to find new horses and backers.
You can offer and request stakings, sell shares etc.
I, Bart, have years of experience in the staking and backing world.
If you have any questions regarding staking/backing, you can always ask me.

Strategy forums

There's a Strategy forum on DonBartos.com, just for active members.
A lot of players choose not to discuss strategy on forums, because anyone can read it.
On most forums even players who aren't even a member of the site can read your powerful tips!
At DonBartos.com, you don't have that problem.
We selectively choose who we allow to post and read in the strategy section of our forum. 
To post in the strategy section, please contact me for an account upgrade.
I will personally check and reply on most of the topics posted in the sit 'n go and tournament forums.

Free videos

There will be several videos posted on DonBartos.com.
I will personally make a few videos and upload them to the site. 
I will also be looking for guestcoaches and such, so hold on for that!


Watched all the videos?
The strategy forums not doing it for you?
How about some personalized private coaching?
With years of experience at all stakes of SNGs and MTTs I will be able to help you take that next step.
Years of experience in making hundreds of videos and live coachings will help me make you a real tournament crusher.

So, that should be enough to convince you to join us at DonBartos.com.
Still haven't made an account? Maybe you just don't know how!
Just click SIGNUP, it's as easy as it gets.

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