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I offer Sit 'n Go and Multi Table Tournament coaching to anyone. 

I've coached many players, from micro stakes beginners to mid stakes regulars.
I offer coaching for 18/45/180man SNGs for all stakes. 
For MTTs, I coach both turbo as nonturbo games for all stakes.
I currently don't offer coaching for Single table games since I don't have enough experience in these games.

Types of Coaching

I offer different types of coaching.
The types I offer are live reviews and video reviews.

Live reviews means you send me a couple of handhistories of games you played.

We will review the games using the Universal Replayer, join.me and discuss your play using Skype.
The best part of reviews is that we can discuss things much quicker than in live coaching.
We can skip any hands that would be considered standard.

Video reviews means the same as live reviews, but instead of discussing your play on Skype, 
I will review your games and make a video of it and send it to you.
The best thing about this is that you don't have to do anything yourself, and that you can rewatch the video any time.

Coaching Rates

The current price of my coachings is $80/hour.
Prices may go up during time but this will be edited on the site.

I offer a 10% discount for players who book a 5 hour package.
Therefore a 5 hour package will cost $360.
I charge a 10% administration fee on payments with Paypal.

I also offer videos, at a lower rate.
Videos currently cost $50/hour.


Payments can be made with a Paypal account using the web store.
If you don't have a Paypal account, or prefer to send the money yourself you could use one of the following ways.

I accept payments on PokerStars MoneyBookers,and Neteller.

I generally charge the money before the coaching takes place.
Any unused payments can be refunded on request.


If you have any other questions regarding my coachings, please go to the coaching section of the forum.
You can also use the "Contact Me" button at the right bottom and I will contact you as soon as possible.
If you prefer to contact me directly, not using the forum, please do so by using one of the following ways.
Skype: DonBartosje
E-Mail: [email protected]onbartos.com

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