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Posted by Bart on November 8, 2013 at 12:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Hey guys,

It’s been a while since I’ve made a serious blogpost, or any blogpost for that matter. The year 2013 is coming close to it’s end so I figured it’s about time for a little recap. It hasn’t really been the year I planned it to be in January, I expected to win a lot more than I have won so far and in my opinion it basically has to do with two problems. For one, I’ve been running very, very bad. I got into a $80,000 downswing and haven’t really recovered from it since. The year started fairly well, I think I won about $60,000 in the first two or three months of grinding so it had some potential. But after my biggest cash I pretty much went crazy with playing high buy-ins while masstabling. At some points I was 40tabling and regging both $215Turbos that start in a session, which is pretty much throwing your money in an ocean, hoping some of it will eventually return. And well, most of it didn’t return.

So the second, and biggest problem of my year, and pretty much my whole career as a professional poker player: unfocused play. I just can’t seem to get myself to focus when grinding. I started the year playing a lot of 180mans added to my MTT grind, and there were times where I found myself playing 55 tables. I just registered for every tournament my backer let me and I just added sit n go’s until my PC was about to explode. I still think my A-game is fairly good, especially in turbos but I consider my regular game fairly decent as well. The problem is, I barely ever play my A-game. I’ve reviewed many of my own HHs and I haven’t found one of this year where I’ve played perfectly. Even when I don’t play many tables to try and focus and become +EV again, I just see myself browsing thru forums, Twitter, Skype and even Facebook, which I don’t like to use when I have some spare time. It seems I just hate poker or something and can’t keep my focus on it. I still like the game, as a job but I still enjoy doing it. It’s just awful how bad I seem to be ingame, and how 99% of the mistakes I make come from just not thinking ingame, or just clicking some buttons to get back to the irrelevant stuff.

To give you guys some general cliffs of my 2013:

To be honest, I was close to being broke in 2012. I haven’t really won much the last few months of 2012 and I’ve been spending a lot of money on partying, food, rent, etc. and even loaned some to a few friends. All of which is fine, if you have some sort of income. But this income pretty much disappeared in the last months of 2012. I went to Malta in September of 2012 after finishing my study in Holland and calculated a bankroll I would need for this relocation. Before I even set one step on the Maltese grounds, I lost about half of this bankroll. I ran fairly bad the last months in Holland and lost a big portion of my bankroll, just before I went to Malta. Once in Malta, I decided to take on a staking deal so that I could still play the higher stakes and didn’t have to worry about paying the rent, etc. I started off OKish, had some cashes and some tiny profitcuts. But after that, I’ve gotten in make-up, the evil fight against the make-up had begun.


I’ve started off pretty well in 2013, I came 4th in the Bigger$109 for about $19K in about the first week of the year. This was followed by some other cashes and a little downswing (I think about $10k) before I won a SCOOP event on Stars.FR for about $40K. So I won about $60,000 in the first 3 months of grinding. Some of it was make-up, and I got to chop a portion of it. So basically life was good at the beginning of 2013. A few months later, all I had left of the SCOOP win, was the watch.

After the SCOOP win I just started playing pretty much anything, I was playing $109cubes, $215turbos, Big$162s, etc. etc. And more importantly, I was firing up shitloads of micro stakes MTTs, 180mans, and whatnot. I basically registered for every single tournament PokerStars offered and was 30, 40 and even 55 tabling at times. I was obviously playing horrible, and running pretty horrible two. These two things are the best ingredients for a nice and big make-up. I think I’m at $70K make-up, and counting some live events etc. my downswing is at least $80K+. I did stop with the insane number of tables, I can’t remember the last time I played over 30 tables. But still, it’s not enough. I still play horrible, and I’m truly fairly sure it’s not because I’m a complete monkey. Well, ingame I seem to be.


There were some good moments in 2013 though. I started a $2.50 180man stable where altogether I backed over 40 horses. I coached them and a few of them moved up in stakes quite nicely. I invested a lot of time in coaching, making videos, being on Skype, looking for horses, making agreements, etc. But it paid off too, in September my “ex-horse” Nejra222 won a WCOOP event for about $60K and I bought +- 30% in that, so that was a nice little bankroll boost right there. Besides that, I joined forces with iGaming.org and started running a stable sponsored by the site to stake MTT players. Even though I haven’t received profitcuts from it yet, I feel very confident that this will become a big success. We started half August and we already stake over 30 players and we take on more horses every week. The only problem is, this is taking up a lot of time, and will only take up more and more time.


So now there’s a little problem. I have to fully focus on my grind when playing. I think this is the only way to become a winning player again and start earning some real $. But, this will mean no more Skype during the session, and this will either mean me not paying attention to my stable, or me playing a lot less. I choose for option two, simply because I have faith in that Team iGaming will improve, grow and become a very, very profitable stable. Besides that, I like my work as a part-time grinder and part-time backer much more than as a full-time grinder. I have had weeks of 100+ hours of playing poker, which simply sucks. I will play less, but when I play, I will play much better. At least, that’s the plan.

For now I’ve bored you guys enough I think. Thanks to all for reading. Sorry if it was too long, but I was behind on my blogging.



32hour session, GSOP

Posted by Bart on September 4, 2013 at 4:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Hey guys,

Another quick update from my side.
I've been very busy last weeks with running my two stables.
The Team iGaming stable started off pretty well so that's obviously good news.
Would've been pretty bad if we started with a $10K+ downswing.

I've also put in some volume myself, and even made a 32 hour session where I played about 280 MTTs aswell as 100 HU SNGs. 
I did win 1-2K$ (not sure because of the problems with tracking rebuy tourneys) but it could've been much better.

On the plus side, I was 3rd in the $55 2xchance turbo for $3k, and then 24 hours later I made the final table in the same one, lol. #BACK2BACK!
Kind of a shame that I was 5th for about 1.5K$ but still a fun result. I had lots of deepruns though (3rd 33t with 1.5k first, 13th 109t with 4k first, 29th 109t with 10k first, 13th 82ht with 4.5k first, 14th 44t with 4k first and 16th hot16 with 9k first) so it could've been a lot better than it was. 


I've also played the GSOP, or GrandLive as it's called nowadays today but ended after +- 5hours with TT<QQ on T62Q board so that's kinda lame. Then again, more time to grind!

Thanks all for reading.


First month for Team iGaming

Posted by Bart on August 30, 2013 at 2:25 PM Comments comments (1)

Hey guys,

Been ages since posting a blogpost, but there has been some nice things going on so it's time for a new one.
The grind hasn't been going too well, I'm in a huge dowswing, about 70K$, I've made some of it back now, but still a very long way to go.
I've been pretty busy with staking this year, have had 20-30 horses on my own (with a buddy) and made some decent $ of it, nothing big, but it was a nice extra income anyway.

I've been in contact with www.iGaming.org and we have agreed on an investment plan where iGaming.org will sponsor me a stable. So that's what were doing now. I've started 2 weeks ago, but I'm very much looking forward to running this "Team iGaming". I have several very decent horses which you will be reconizing by the Team iGaming logos they'll be showing on PokerStars. One horse already made a very interesting results by making the final table of the Big $33 two days in a row, and even coming 1st and 2nd in it. It still kinda hurts not back-to-back winning it, but it's a sick results nevertheless.

So that's giving a good start to the stable and for now the month is looking pretty licely:

I'll try and post some updates regarding Team iGaming, and my own results.

I've also gotten a bit more active on Twitter (@DonBartos), I never really used this too much but I think it's actually pretty nice for giving short updates etc.
In a few days, I will be playing the 1100euro GSOP here in Malta, so I'll tweet some updates about this aswell. I'll also post on my blog once I've binked it.

Thanks all for reading,


2 week break

Posted by Bart on February 21, 2013 at 11:40 AM Comments comments (0)

Hey guys,

Just a quick post to look back to the last few weeks of the online grind and to let you guys know I'm taking about a week off from the grind and coaching activities. My sister was came to Malta with her son and I'm gonna spend a few days with them. After that, I'm going to Holland to chill back a bit myself. 

I'll continue the grind on sunday the 3rd, with the Sunday $7M Gtd, would be nice to bink that one!

As a look back to the last weeks, it hasn't been going too well, I had a +- 20K$ downswing and been blanking basically all higher MTTs. I'm still going pretty well in 180s and am still first in the TLB. Also I had a pretty fun thing going on last week orso when I binked both the 2.20$ Turbo with 5000players and the $2.70KO with 7000players at the same time.

Thanks for reading, and till the 3rd when I'll post about me winning the sunday7mil!

Month Recap - January

Posted by Bart on February 2, 2013 at 12:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Hey all,

I'm just gonna keep it short this blog entry.
I'll just look back on last month real quick.

It's been an OK month, eventhough TCOOP has been horrible.
Played pretty much every NLHE event, including the $700 Main and $2100 HighRoller and blanked pretty much everything.

Besides that I haven't been running too well in MTTs in general, except for the Bigger109 score.
But besides the MTTs, the 180man SNGs were going pretty great.
I just kept binking all the 35s and managed to get to first place in the 180man Leaderboard on SharkScope.

Besides that I'm still holding the lead in the yearly TLB, eventhough it doesn't say too much yet.
I made a disappointing 10th place in the monthly TLB so I wasn't able to get good price money there.

Anyway, that's about it for now.
I don't like posting graphs too much so I'm just gonna leave it at this.

Thanks for reading and good luck for all in February.

26hour session, TLB and TCOOP!

Posted by Bart on January 17, 2013 at 7:40 PM Comments comments (3)

Yo guys!

I've just finished a pretty massive 26 hour session. 
I've played about 700-800 games (45/180mans and MTTs). 

Made about 5,000 VPPs and also some profitzzz:

I made some deepruns in the beginning of the session, got a 2nd place in a $44 Turbo and a 3rd place in a $55rebuy BigAnte. After some masstabling and getting 12th in a $82HT, 18th in a $109Fo and 13th in a $3.30rebuy I managed to finish the day OK with a 1st place in a $11Rebuy.

Was a pretty fun heads-up match with a regular, 50bbs deep after 22hours of grinding, but still shipped it!

Anyway, all this have given me enough TLB points to get to first place, HOLD PLEASSEEEEE:

Also starting to do well in the SharkScope leaderboads:

Also the Turbo Championship of Online Poker has started and when being a Turbo grinder, I can't really miss much of this series. 
I'm probably gonna play every NL Holdem event except for the $2k highroller, so it should be good. :)
The first day wasn't great, with 3 blanks in the $27, $215 and $55 events, but still looking forward to the rest.

Thanks for reading,


Sunday Recap

Posted by Bart on January 7, 2013 at 12:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Hi all,

I've just finished my first little sunday grind of the year. Wasn't much of a grind since I only had my laptop and couldn't play more then +- 10 tables. Also I started late, around the time the Million started, so I wasn't in time for the Warm-up.

Blanked many games, but had nice stacks in the Bigger$162 and Bigger$109 and I had a FT in the last one. Kinda mixed feelings about it since it's my biggest cash but at the same time I busted pretty gross for an insane amound of equity, ($50k ontop with a $10K payout for top3)


PokerStars Hand #91942668847: Tournament #701010447, $100+$9 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level XLVIII (35000/70000) - 2013/01/07 5:36:39 CET [2013/01/06 23:36:39 ET]

Table '701010447 193' 9-max Seat #3 is the button

Seat 1: joaombrito (5319154 in chips)

Seat 3: BublFactor17 (1528430 in chips)

Seat 5: jektiss (1197066 in chips)

Seat 7: DonBartos (1315350 in chips)

joaombrito: posts the ante 8750

BublFactor17: posts the ante 8750

jektiss: posts the ante 8750

DonBartos: posts the ante 8750

jektiss: posts small blind 35000

DonBartos: posts big blind 70000

*** HOLE CARDS ***

Dealt to DonBartos [8s Ad]

joaombrito: folds

BublFactor17: folds

jektiss: raises 1118316 to 1188316 and is all-in

DonBartos: calls 1118316

*** FLOP *** [Td 7c Th]

*** TURN *** [Td 7c Th] [8c]

*** RIVER *** [Td 7c Th 8c] [5c]

*** SHOW DOWN ***

jektiss: shows [3c Ac] (a flush, Ace high)

DonBartos: shows [8s Ad] (two pair, Tens and Eights)

jektiss collected 2411632 from pot

*** SUMMARY ***

Total pot 2411632 | Rake 0

Board [Td 7c Th 8c 5c]

Seat 1: joaombrito folded before Flop (didn't bet)

Seat 3: BublFactor17 (button) folded before Flop (didn't bet)

Seat 5: jektiss (small blind) showed [3c Ac] and won (2411632) with a flush, Ace high

Seat 7: DonBartos (big blind) showed [8s Ad] and lost with two pair, Tens and Eights

So it's kind of a brag and a beat in one, but it's a good start of the year anyway!

Thanks for reading,


2013 - leggoo TLB

Posted by Bart on January 3, 2013 at 6:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Hi guys,

I haven't been active in updating my blog at all. 
Basically there just wasn't much to update about.
I've been running pretty horrible last months and I didn't want to turn it into a whine-blog.

I've grinded quite a bit the last few months, but still had enough time to go out a lot and drink more than I should.
It's been a lot of fun but maybe it wasn't the smartest thing to do when you're running bad, money wise.
I've lost a good buddy of mine 2 weeks ago since he's been stabbed to death which was really insane.
Besides that I was in Holland for 2 weeks for a holiday so alltogether I didn't feel like grinding the last 2 weeks.

But, it's 2013, new year new chances.
I made a few topics to post my process, on 2+2 and on two Dutch forums.
I'm not sure yet how often I will update these topics, but I will post a summary of these updates in my own blog right here.

Basically I have two goals for 2013:

- 400,000 VPPs
- Top10 of the yearly Tournament Leaderboard

It all depends on what games I choose to play during the year, but right now these goals seem nice and doable.
I will start off the year by playing all the Turbo MTTs that run during my session plus all the "Bigs" on Stars.
I will add up with $3R, $8, $15, $35 180s and if traffic is low, $2 180s and $7, $15 and $30 45s.

I've been grinding on other sites aswell the last four months, but I think my hourly is higher on Stars playing this schedule, than on all the sites just playing MTTs. I will still play MTTs on other sites on sundays, and possibly during big series like FTOPS, GSOP, etc.

Thanks for reading and good luck to all in 2013.

Blogpost number 2! - September

Posted by Bart on October 1, 2012 at 2:15 PM Comments comments (0)

So, as you can see in the title of this blog, I'm too damn lazy to think of a cool blogname, for now.
I haven't been blogging much this month and basically I haven't had too much to blog about yet.

I've played quite a bit of live poker here in the local casino. There was the GSOP-Live with a 1100euro Main event, and a 220 side event.
I played both, but was out the main event after 2 hours or something, and didn't cash the 220 either.

Then there was the WPT, and I decided to just play the 330 and 550 side events, and not the 3300 main event. I haven't been running too great, both online as live, the last months so a shot on a 3300 MTT wasn't the best idea. The number of players was way too low in all the events, there were only about 100 players in the main event and just 50-60 in the sides. If I knew I'd be playing a 50man sit 'n go, I'd probably wouldn't have entered, but whatever. Haven't really done much good in both the side events, and busted out pretty fast in both, so I can't really blog too much about that.

The cashgames were going a bit better in the casino, played about 28 hours of cashgames last month on mostly 1-2 and a bit 2-5. Made about 3K profit on the 1-2 NLHE games, but dropped 300 of that on 1-2 PLO (what the hell was I thinking), and about 700 on 2-5. Still a pretty solid month on cashgames, as a MTT donkey who never plays cashgames.

Online has been very swingy, made some small scores in a few MTTs. Won the $55 Turbo 2x Chance, the $109 Turbo and the Hot 100 on .FR. Besides that I made some other final tables but nothing too big, and when you play basically all the tourneys that run in a day, it's not enough to call it a great month. 

Last sunday, yesterday, was a bad sunday as usual. Blanking basically all the MTTs except for a few and then finishing just outside the big money in the ones you actually won a flip or two. Came 9th in some $11FO, 14th in a $11 1r1a and 12th in a major on Ongame with 23K$ on top, but that's not enough for a breakeven sunday! Also came 58th in the Sunday Million but even that isn't something to be proud of.

I have been lazy when it comes to VPPs on PokerStars last few months, I was at 100K within half a year, but then started playing less games, and more on other sites aswell. So now I'm at 128K vpp and I still want to reach the 200K milestone for a nice 2600$ christmas bonus. I will try and play lots of HyperTurbo 6-max Sit 'n Go's to reach this, since it's pretty much not doable on MTTs only.

Besides that there's the GSOP on Ongame, a nice 20-event series with tourneys from $54 to $5000 and knowing how fishy ongame is, there's some good value there. So I will try and play as many events as I can for that "big one". 

Thanks for reading,


First Blogpost

Posted by Bart on September 4, 2012 at 5:25 AM Comments comments (3)

Hey all,

This will be my first blogpost.
I just came to Malta a few days ago, so I'll start blogging from now on.
I will only make one or two blogposts a week, depending on how much is going on.

So first of all, I'll start with a short introduction.
I'm Bart, the starter and owner of DonBartos.com.
Most people will probably know me as "DonBartos".

I just moved to Malta to play poker professionally and I play basically all tournaments that run online.
I play on multiple sites so I mix in quite a bit of action.
In the last 4-5 years I have been playing several gametypes, but mostly sit 'n go's and tournaments.
I played about 40-50K multi table sit 'n go's (18mans, 45mans, 180mans) from $1 to $100.
Besides that I played over 10K tournaments from all stakes. 
Untill 2012 my main game was either 18, 45 or 180 man SNG's but I stopped playing them to start playing tournaments in 2012.

So allright, I came in Malta at about 3 PM on saturday and after unpacking a bit I went to the supermarket to fill my fridge, mainly beer obviously.
After filling my trolley I went to the cashier who told me I couldn't take the trolley home, after a 15 minute discussion where my most valueble point was that I only lived a 3 minute walk away, she asked me if I wanted to let it be delivered at my appartment, but it would take like 2 hours before I had my beer so that's no use. Then she asked me to go to the cashier at the other side of the store, as I did. After yet another 15 minute discussion I was able to take my stuff to the parking area and find my way home. After a 10 minute explaination and a 15 minute walk I was finally at what was supposed to be my appartment, it actually was, but I haven't got my parking card thingy yet so I had to walk back and all and all it took me about 2 hours before I had my fridge filled, bad beat number one if you ask me.

Allrighty, after drinking a beer and relaxing a bit on my balcony I desided to play a bit in the local casino. I only had my laptop with me and I don'treally like playing online on it, since I'm used to 2 24inch monitors, so it's quite a step back. So, there was running a 35euro freezeout with an insane structure where we started with 300 big blinds. It's the kind of structure you'd like in a 1000fo, but in a 35fo not so much. Anyway, I played my usual agression any2card-open strategy and it started going pretty well, I turned my 300bb into 350bb by taking a few stealpots etc. I actually got into a pretty funny hand where I opened with Ax5x or something and the board came all blanks and I think I called the flop, bluffraised the turn and then bet the river pretty big. The problem was, I had no idea what my suits where and there were 4 clubs on the board but after firing such a big bet on the river, I couldn't really look at my cards again. So I had to wait like a minute and a half before the guy called me off, and i had to show my cards. The Ace of clubs I had was basically more of a surprise to me than it was to the other players on the table. 

Anyway, I lost all my chips by donking myself out with some bluffs that even I didn't believe, but whatever. Then I sat down at an empty 1-2 table and after challenging the dealer for a headsup match I still had to wait for other players to join. It was going pretty well and I played fairly agressive but in a controlled way which was working pretty well. After some time there joined an English guy who appeared to be some sort of a cash game regular. But the guy was sitting on my direct right so I thought I'll have some fun and annoy the guy a bit. He started opening a lot of hands and I started 3-betting every time he opened from the start on. He laughed every time and after showing a few 72o, 83o and 64o type hands I 3-betted with, he responded with "Ah, a gambler, I like you!'. Yay, my first friend.

I got into quite a few sick pots with the guy where the nicest one was where I had 64suited, flopped a flushdraw. I obviously made the 3-bet preflop, and raised his flopbet on a random flop, I think T high or something. He flatcalled, and then checked to me at the turn, I fired again and he called and the pot was about 400 allready. The river blanked again, and he checked to me again. I put him all-in for his remaining 300ish and he started thinking for quite a while. I think it was 2 minutes, but it felt like a year and a half. It surely were the longest two minutes of my life. The guy then mucked his cards and started moaning how bad he wanted to call, etc.

All and all quite a nice run on the first day, but it wouldn't last too long. Usually after a saturday, it's sunday. And in poker there's a fun little thing about sundays, they always cost a whole lot of money. It was the first day of the WCOOP on PokerStars and I kinda had to play the first two events, and also some started sunday majors on the other sites, played the 215$ on ipoker, the 215$ on party, the 200$ on ongame, etc. etc. But as it should be on a sunday, I ran like dog with no legs so I blanked everything I opened. I was at the appartment of two friends living in Malta aswell, because I had to wait till monday for my internet to be installed. One of the guys actually shipped the hotter 16.50 for like 15k$, which obviously was nice but #jealousmuch. 

Then on monday, yesterday, I wanted to play a bit live again. Didn't feel like grinding on my laptop and with the G.S.O.P. Main Event starting today (tuesday) I had to practise my live game a bit more. I joined the 45 freezeout which had to same insane structure as the 35 of saturday did, and I basically donked myself out in about an hour. I think I didn't play that bad but I also had a hard time focussing on a 45fo with such a sick structure. After that I ran insane on the 1-2 game I joined again, after playing a bit of blackjack. Blackjack was pretty funny since I started with 100, lost it, rebuyed 100, lost it, rebuyed 100, lost it and almost lost my last 100 aswell, but with my last 20 I grinded it back to 400 which was the breakeven point so I stopped there. But the cashgame didn't go so smooth and after basically losing everything, even a QQ<A3 for a 500 pot or something, I left with more losses than I won on saturday so I am currently in the red numbers for live play in Malta, but the GSOP should change that.

So in about an hour I'll join the GSOP main event (1100), or at least if there are enough tickets left. I'll update tomorrow with a little review of the GSOP I guess.

Thanks for reading,



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